Gabriel Laine is born and raised in Jacmel, a city of Haiti. At the age of 27, July 1983, he came to America. A year after (1984) arriving in the US he enrolled into Cathedral College Seminary in Douglaston, NY. In 1988 he graduated with a degree in Psychology and a minor in Philosophy. Following Cathedral College, he then went on to Immaculate Conception Seminary Theological Graduate School in Huntington, NY (1989-1992) where he studied Sociology and Theology.
Gabriel continued his education at Bronx Community College (2003-2004) where he completed his driver’s training to become a driving instructor. In 2005, Mr. Laine started Alpha and Omega Driving School. This highly recommended driving school provides professional private driving lessons to students and assist up to a successful Driver’s License Exam in all categories. Since then Alpha and Omega Driving School has been serving the Bronx and Mount Vernon for 10 years, maintaining a 95% pass mark for those who took their road test for the first time.

Author of Book: A Patriotic Man Living Abroad

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