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Professional Driving School in New York

Aspiring drivers must take driver’s education courses in preparation of the often stressful and taxing examination. While some school districts offer these driver’s education programs, still positive results are often observed among students who opted to take the courses in an accredited, private driving school.

You may think that being in a driving lesson is only a matter of sitting behind the wheel, and stepping on the gas and brakes. But on the contrary, it is a relatively serious business to do. Much more than understanding how to drive, being a good driver entails being able to also protect yourself and others from road mishaps.

Driving around a large state in America can be nerve wrecking, say New York. NY is one of the largest cities in the world and also has the largest kinds of driving styles. At Alpha and Omega driving school in Bronx, we make sure that you are ready for your New York driving experience.

One of the best Bronx driving schools, Alpha and Omega has always been committed in providing all the students with the best tools and instructions for them to become law-abiding drivers and safe from any accident.

Indeed, students who graduated from Alpha and Omega driving school in Bronx, NY are now the people making sure that NY City is a better and safer place for driving.

10 Years Drivers’ Training Experience 2005-2015

We provide professional, private driving lessons and we assist up to a successful Driver’s License Exam in all categories.


  • Who are just learning to drive
  • Who have experience and want to master Advanced Driving Techniques
  • Who have special needs.

Our Highly trained Staff is available from Monday to Sunday to give local driving lessons.


  • The 5 hour pre-licensing course
  • The defensive driving course

Meet Mr. Gabriel Laine


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